Welcome to VERSES. 

VERSES was born out of our own personal need to display visual reminders of God’s truth, love and goodness in our daily comings and goings. We have always wanted to remind ourselves (and our children) of the promises we have the joy of standing on. We have also desired that the VERSES would speak to visitors in our home, to inspire them, to create curiosity and to instill hopefulness. 

As creatives, we wanted to ensure that we represented the beauty of the promises found throughout the Bible in a meaningful (and creative) way. We looked far and wide for some beautifully designed VERSES, and when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we created it ourselves. And thus was the genesis of VERSES.

Our prayer is that these VERSES remind you (and your house) of the goodness, trustworthiness, beauty and love of our hope-filled, living God. May the VERSE you choose not only bring joy to you, but to all those who enter your home. 

Finally, it was important to us that in offering daily reminders of His promises, we would use our influence to provide opportunity for people to hear about these promises perhaps for the first time. Because of that, we donate a portion of all sales directly to support the work of “Project Help India'' which provides practical help and hope to people living in poverty in Kotdwara and Bijnor in Northern India. This occurs primarily through providing education to children who would otherwise not attend school. We have worked with this reputable organization for years, and feel confident in the impact our VERSES community can have in the lives of thousands of children in India (and the world), as we grow together. You can see more of their impact at projecthelpindia.co

Thank you for being a part of the journey.

In faith, hope and love,